Photo of Reema Saleh in her graduation cap and gown. She is smiling.

Reema Saleh

Policy professional and creative storyteller in Chicago. Here's where to find her on the internet.

Who am I?

Reema Saleh is a writer, researcher, and multimedia producer in Chicago. Working with community journalism outlets like Chicago Reader, City Bureau, and South Side Weekly sparked her passion for mission-driven, hyper-local journalism throughout the city. She currently works for Change Agents: The Podcast and previously led the Root of Conflict podcast, exploring global conflict and the people, societies, and policy issues it affects. Last year, she graduated from the University of Chicago with a master’s in public policy.

Podcast Production

Reema is the Lead Producer for Root of Conflict, a podcast on violent conflict around the world and the people, societies, and policies it affects. She's gotten involved in all stages of the production process from research to booking guests, interviewing, editing, and marketing. Additionally, she's worked as a producer and editor on The Forum by University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts, the Embracing Abilities, Expanding Possibilities by Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford, and Bridging Knowledge & Policy by the Institute for Governance Reform.

Production, Interviewing, and Editing Experience


Since 2020, Reema has been dedicated to capturing life and people in Chicago. If you'd like to book her for a portrait session or to shoot an event, please reach out.

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Members Only explores the ongoing privatization of public space through a focus on the South Shore Cultural Center, challenging us to imagine beyond existing structures toward new possibilities for accessibility and community. This documentary was produced through the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago and screened publicly on April 1, 2023. Please contact to watch the film.

She creates regular video essays and media commentary on her YouTube channel, Night Owls Media, which she co-produces with her sister.